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One of the best things about Brooks Ann’s process is her questionnaire.  I was really able to articulate what I liked, without fully knowing what I was looking for. She has a list of words that help describe what you want and what you don’t want. I had lots of things I didn’t want, but only several words that truly described what I was looking for:  Joyful, Vintage, Easy, Timeless, and Unexpected. We returned to these words often in our design process and they are exactly what my dress turned out to be.

Brooks Ann ended up making a dress that spoke exactly to who I was. It was beyond what I “wanted.” It’s a dress that I didn’t even know how to want. But when I tried it on, it was perfect.   -Leah

You always want the best for your children so it meant so much to us when we saw how special, regal and radiant Leah looked and felt in her dress.  I was struck by how excited her emails were when she forwarded photos as the dress was taking shape.  I could just tell it made her feel wonderful and so lucky to have such a special and meaningful dress to wear at her wedding.  - Fran, mother of the bride

...The inspiration for the dress started with a copper and white pearl necklace that my fiancé gave me.  We started designing the dress from a style that I found online, but changed many elements of it to compliment my body shape and meet our goals of making me a knockout and easy to dance in.  I trusted Brooks Ann’s style advice and all of her suggestions added to the dress.

Our fittings were fun, quick and decisive.  When it came to my wedding day, Brooks Ann was there helping me get dressed and cinched in.  My fiancé was awestruck - just as I wanted!  He was so impressed with how the dress brought out the best in me.  From our first to our last dance, the dress felt great - twirling on cue and never sliding off my shoulders.  I would highly recommend Brooks Ann to any woman wanting the perfect dress for their wedding day.  -Katie


Photography credits: Top Left:  Middle Gray Photography.  Top Right:  Kent Corley Photography. 

Second on the left:  Eloise Farr Photography.  Third:  Margaret Campion  Fourth:  Greg Pearson Photography 

Bottom Left:  Brent Clark Photography  Bottom Right: Kent Corley Photography

I wanted a wedding dress that showed off my blossoming baby-belly and fit the mood of our celebration – a beautiful mountain setting, the people we hold dear, and the joy of new creations.  

We had multiple fittings, and Brooks Ann was infinitely patient as my body changed between every one!  On my wedding day she was there by my side to make final tweaks, put my headpiece on straight, and send me on my way feeling sensual and full of life!   -Melissa

I have lots of tattoos that I didn't want showing on my wedding day.  Brooks Ann helped me come up with a beautiful solution of a custom beaded shrug in my favorite color! 

She is a talented problem-solver who I came to completely trust.  With her meticulous attention to detail, she created something that not only fit my body,  but my style, my personality and my wedding day perfectly.  The experience creating this amazing jacket with her was truly a joy that I will always remember.   - Jill

It was like she read my mind when she first sketched the dress!  Brooks Ann was great at striking that balance of suggesting what looks good on my figure while staying within my vision. Brooks Ann is a true professional and her knowledge and craftsmanship are amazing.

I loved my dress. It was exactly what I wanted and I felt beautiful in it. My first great wedding planning decision was to work with Brooks Ann on the dress. It made all of my other wedding choices fall in line, leading to a wonderful day.  -Michelle


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